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A broad range of features to assist you in managing your business effectively and efficiently.

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Everything Prepaid in a Single Platform

Experience the convenience of a unified prepaid platform with Ping. From gift cards to mobile top-ups, our comprehensive solution offers businesses access to everything prepaid in one streamlined platform.

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1000+ Global Providers

Ping leverages a vast network of APIs to offer over 1000 global products, enabling users to perform international top-ups and access a variety of services from across South America and beyond. This extensive connectivity ensures users can easily manage transactions and services from a global perspective, all within a single platform

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Versatile Carrier Support

Discover the versatility and convenience of Ping Prepay, where we support a wide range of carriers to cater to your diverse needs. Our comprehensive network includes major carriers such as AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Verizon, Xfinitiy, GenMobile, and more, ensuring seamless connectivity and coverage wherever you go.

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Multi Store Management

Efficiently onboard retailer locations, ensuring a seamless integration into our network. Streamline management across multiple stores for optimal efficiency.

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Our platform ensures swift and secure transfer of funds between parties. With robust verification and reconciliation processes, Ping guarantees accurate and efficient payment transactions, upholding the highest standards of reliability and security.

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API Powered

Ping Pre Pay utilizes an API-powered infrastructure to ensure seamless and secure prepaid transactions, enabling instant account top-ups and real-time balance checks for a superior user experience.

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Unlock the full potential of your business with our services, including custom APIs integration into existing systems

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