Swift Convenient Store's Transformation:

Boosting Business through Diversification. In this case study, we explore how the convenience store brand “Swift” successfully increased its business and customer base

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Swift's Pivot: Fueling Growth with Diverse Services

In this case study, we explore how the convenience store brand “Swift” successfully increased its business and customer base by embracing a strategic move to become a reseller for mobile top-ups, activations, bill payments, and other products with Ping Prepay. By adapting to changing market dynamics and customer demands, Swift leveraged its established presence in the retail industry to provide an array of essential services to its customers, enhancing their shopping experience and driving significant growth for the company.

Swift's Response to Retail Challenges

Swift, a well-known convenience store chain, faced the challenge of intensifying competition in the retail industry. With declining foot traffic and stagnant revenues, Swift recognized the need for innovation and diversification to stay ahead in the market. The company’s leadership team understood that to attract and retain customers, they had to offer more than just traditional retail products.

“In response to increasing competition and changing customer needs, we at Swift have taken decisive steps towards innovation and diversification of our services. Expanding our service portfolio to include mobile top-ups, activations, and payment services not only meets our customers’ demands for convenience and efficiency but also underscores our commitment to providing exceptional service.”

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Harlan Harris

Data Science team Manager Swift

Swift's Strategic Expansion with Ping Prepay

Strategy steps:

1.Becoming a Reseller for Ping Prepay

2.Partnership with Utility Companies and Payment Platforms

3.Creating a One-Stop Destination for Customers’ Daily Needs


To address these challenges and capitalize on new opportunities, Swift devised a comprehensive strategy that involved becoming a reseller with Ping Prepay for mobile top-ups, activations, bill payments, and other essential services. By partnering with Ping Prepay, utility companies, and payment platforms, Swift aimed to become a one-stop destination for customers’ daily needs.

“These changes have allowed us not only to strengthen our market position but also to pave the way for sustainable growth and innovation in retail.”

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Harlan Harris

Data Science team Manager Swift

Swift's Service Expansion and Diversification

Partnership with Ping Prepay: Swift strategically collaborated with Ping Prepay, enabling customers to easily top up their mobile phones while shopping. By offering a diverse range of prepaid and postpaid plans, Swift became the go-to place for customers to recharge their phones.

In-Store Activations: Recognizing the increasing popularity of smart devices and IoT products, Swift started offering in-store activations for smartphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets. Trained staff members guided customers through the setup process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Bill Payment Services: Swift integrated bill payment services into its store operations, allowing customers to pay their utility bills, phone bills, internet bills, and other expenses conveniently. This service alleviated the need for customers to visit multiple locations, saving them time and effort.

Diversification of Product Offerings: In addition to mobile top-ups, activations, and bill payments, Swift expanded its product portfolio to include other complementary items, such as phone accessories, power banks, and gift cards, to further enhance customer convenience.

Swift's Reseller Strategy Boosted Results Significantly:

Increased Foot Traffic: The introduction of essential services attracted more customers to Swift stores, resulting in increased foot traffic and potential upselling opportunities for other retail products.

Higher Customer Retention: By becoming a one-stop-shop for various daily needs, Swift improved customer loyalty, leading to repeat visits and increased customer retention rates.

Revenue Growth: The inclusion of new services contributed to a significant boost in revenue streams, providing the company with a more stable and diversified income source.

Enhanced Brand Image: Swift’s customer-centric approach and innovative services improved its brand image, positioning the company as a modern and customer-focused convenience store brand.

Swift's Pivotal Shift: Reselling for Growth and Innovation

Swift’s decision to become a reseller for Ping Prepay and accepting mobile top-ups, activations, bill payments, and other products proved to be a pivotal move in transforming its business model. By embracing innovation and addressing customer needs, Swift successfully differentiated itself from competitors, achieving growth and sustainability in an increasingly dynamic retail market. This case study demonstrates the power of adaptation and diversification in driving business success and elevating customer experiences.